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Thermosoft Stretchers
For safe and effective rescue

Moving injured people as quickly and safely as possible for treatment, can often involve practical handling problems.  The stretchers have a special design, to give optimum security for the patient during transportation from the accident spot to the place of treatment.

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Thermosoft Stretchers are developed for tough climates and rough handling.  The stretchers are hygienic, easy to clean and can be stored over long periods.  This product has been developed to meet ergonomic requirements, the need to transfer patients, lifting and lowering requirements, insulation and use on uneven surfaces.

Thermosoft Stretchers

They are simple to manoeuvre in restricted areas, narrow corridors, and through emergency exits, etc.


Thermosoft Stretchers can be supplied rolled or folded, and take up little space when stored and transported.

Technical Data

Thermosoft Stretchers are made from a laminated sheet of medium density polyethylene and expanded polymeric foam of cross linked closed cells.

This combination gives high tear strength and high bearing load capacity, combined with comfort and thermal insulation.

The material is water and chemical resistant.  On exposure to fire or very high temperatures, the stretchers will melt.  When burned, water vapour and CO2 are emitted, not hazardous gases.

  • Thickness of sheet 6mm
  • Tensile strength 600N/50mm width
  • Thermal conductivity 0.039W/mK
  • Working temperature range -40C to +70C
  • Patent and design protection
Stretcher S4 is simple and light, for quick evacuation of injured patients, both indoors and outdoors. Can also be used as a sleeping mat.  Supplied rolled or folded.

Decontamination version also available.

Stretcher S4

Hypothermal Stretcher is specially designed for cold, wet or shocked persons.  The problem with loss of body heat is solved by using an insulating blanket and a woollen cap.  Supplied folded without slats, or rolled with slats.

Hyperthermal Stretcher

Rescue Stretcher is used in either the horizontal or vertical position for manoeuvring under difficult conditions.  Supplied rolled.

Rescue Stretcher

Heli-Lift Stretcher uses the same design as the Rescue Stretcher, with straps for horizontal lifts.  The design is developed for maximum security and protection while being lifted.  Can be supplied with Hypothermal insulating blanket.  Supplied rolled.

Heli-Lieft Stretcher

SR Stretcher is a simplified version of the Rescue Stretcher, for uncomplicated movement of patients under normal conditions.  Supplied folded.

SR Stretcher

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